Advancing Equity in Classical Music

As a national membership association, Equity Arc serves as a connector, convener, and facilitator for classical music organizations and BIPOC instrumentalists.

About Equity Arc

Equity Arc provides specialized mentoring support for young BIPOC musicians and helps institutions take meaningful steps toward equity and inclusion. We pursue a multi-dimensional approach to create positive outcomes for musicians of color.


We are building a comprehensive bridge of support for aspiring BIPOC instrumentalists. We help musicians navigate the journey from student to professional by matching them with mentors and advancement opportunities. Learn more.

Members and Partners

We provide forums, resources, and training to dismantle the structural inequities, biases, and systemic racism ingrained in policies and practices. We work with partners to break down barriers and create equitable opportunities and environments for BIPOC classical musicians. Learn more.

“Cohesion, collaboration, and sustained effort among different organizations around the country will be key to creating equity in the field.”

Chaz Salazar, flutist, teaching artist, and musical activist

Our Mission

Equity Arc is a coalition charged by its diverse membership of local and national organizations to align, promote and develop equitable opportunities for aspiring classical musicians from underrepresented ethnicities.


Our Vision

To create a level playing field for BIPOC classical musicians in the United States



We believe in working together and openly sharing information, best practices, and new ideas that lead to creating equitable opportunities across the field.


We create continuous opportunities for aspiring classical musicians to advance throughout the musical training bridge to a professional career.


We are committed to designing inclusive and equitable systems, and to dismantling all forms of discrimination in the field.