Harnessing the Power of Collective Action

About National Collective for Musical Pathways

The National Collective for Musical Pathways is an alliance of rigorous pre-college music training programs committed to removing barriers and accelerating the progress of BIPOC musicians. Pathways initiatives provide comprehensive, holistic support for young artists from underrepresented backgrounds in preparation for careers as professional musicians. In addition to intensive musical training, these programs also provide mentorship, family engagement, and individualized advisory curricula to prepare young musicians for the demands of the classical music field.

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In addition to being a space for information sharing and support, members of the Collective:

  • Are eligible for funding opportunities. In May 2023, 8 members of the Collective received over $1.8 million in multi-year program support. Learn more ﹥
  • Participate in consulting and strategy sessions
  • Students of color are eligible to apply for the National Pathways Festival. Learn more ﹥


Pathways in Process Programs

These equitable training programs are working with Equity Arc to refining their program components to reflect the Pathways model.

“I gained resources for teachers, instruments, mentorship (masterclasses) and travels for trial lessons and summer programs. Without these, I wouldn’t have made it here today.”

Patricia Harden, Primavera Fund ’23

Our Mission

The National Collective for Musical Pathways is an alliance of rigorous pre-college music training programs that provide opportunities to, remove barriers from, and accelerate progress of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) classical musicians.


Our Vision

We believe in a world where pathways graduates are irrefutably competitive and prepared to thrive in leading collegiate programs that prepare them for a sustainable performing career.



We value the lived experiences of young BIPOC musicians and understand the inevitable challenges they will face along their musical journey.


We are driven to advance equitable systems and opportunities for young BIPOC musicians.


We partner with parental units and a diverse group of stakeholders to achieve our mission.


We advocate for BIPOC musicians, promote practical policies, and model solutions for the field of classical music traditions.


We seek to change mindsets, hearts, and practices to transform systems at every level along the pathway.