Equity Arc Partners with Acceptd to Remove Barriers to Summer Study

July 10, 2023

Equity Arc partnered with Acceptd and 14 summer music programs for the second season of the Common Application for Summer Study, a free application for musicians of color to apply to multiple summer music festivals with one application. Each partner also committed to providing at least one full tuition scholarship to an applicant.

The Equity Arc Common Application for Summer Study was designed in 2021 to eliminate barriers to summer study by removing: fees averaging $60 per application, the need to prepare and record multiple audition lists, and the financial burden of tuition averaging $5,000. The second season of this initiative resulted in 156 applicants, 57 enrolled participants, and over $260,000 in scholarships awarded.

As part of the partnership agreement, Equity Arc paid a single fee per applicant to Acceptd, allowing musicians to apply to all partner programs at no cost. This partnership, along with the summer music programs’ willingness to waive their individual application fees, laid the foundation for advancing equity through collaboration.

“Our platform is a perfect fit for the Common Application for Summer Study, providing a straightforward experience for applicants and giving member programs access to our powerful behind-the-scenes tools and insights. Acceptd has always been committed to removing barriers for applicants, and we believe in the work that Equity Arc is doing to increase access and opportunity for BIPOC musicians.”

Eric Frisch

Acceptd Account Relations Manager

Common Application partners and applicants share the sentiment that this initiative is changing the game by creating access to intensive summer training opportunities and expanding partner’s recruitment strategies.

“The Common Application has helped me expand my options of where I can apply and also eased the financial burden of various applications. I haven’t gone to a camp like Interlochen before and I’m very excited to experience everything it has to offer.”

Sarah Morris

Equity Arc Fellow

“For a summer school that only has 40 spots open each year, to see almost 30 apps come from the Common Application was spectacular. Thanks to the Common Application and other partnerships, Kinhaven has gone from 1% BIPOC student population in 2011 to over 30% in 2023.”

Anthony Mazzocchi

Kinhaven Executive Director

About Acceptd

Acceptd is the premier application and audition software designed exclusively for arts organizations. Acceptd currently partners with more than 600 organizations around the globe, including festivals, universities, competitions, youth programs, and professional ensembles. Acceptd exists to help the arts community flourish and streamlines the application and audition experience for artists and organizations alike. With powerful tools for applications, adjudication, in-person and virtual auditions, digital marketing, and recruitment, Acceptd connects artists with their ideal opportunities while creating a platform for accessibility in the application and audition experience.

About Equity Arc

Equity Arc (formerly the National Instrumentalist Mentoring and Advancement Network) is a national coalition of musical organizations and advocates whose mission and programming address the structural inequities in classical music that result in the field’s systemic lack of racial and ethnic diversity. Equity Arc creates and works with a robust network of passionate, experienced members from across the country and across the arc of musical development along two paths: Building a comprehensive arc of support and mentorship for instrumentalists to navigate the journey from student to professional and assisting in breaking down barriers to achieving success in the field. Equity Arc also provides forums, resources, and training for member organizations to dismantle the structural inequities, biases, and systemic racism ingrained in their policies and practices that inhibit the creation of equitable opportunities and environments for classical musicians of color.

Contact media@equityarc.org for more information and media inquiries.